Spent Shell Casing Pen

A LOT of work to make:

The full DIY on instructables – HERE

Looks pretty neat in the end though.  I’d like to see a homemade one done with a spacepen refill instead. (I’m obsessed with space pen refills)

Might be an interesting DIY project for some of you.  Or a good starting point anyway.  I’m thinking even a .50 BMG sharpie might be cool.

Hat tip: Beecher B.


7 responses to “Spent Shell Casing Pen”

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    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      They should still be on.. I just tried to add a footer. I’ll definitely put things back to normal because my footer isn’t working anyways yet.

  2. PotatoeMasher Avatar

    You could always just buy one from this guy, http://www.themightypencompany.com/ I have a .375H&H razor he did for me and it is some quality work. He sells .50BMG razors too on his website.

  3. speaking of pens and guns and lathes, a bit of shameless self promotion – a fully machined pneumatic pen gun: http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/machined-pengun-dimply-t22856.html

  4. I’m surprised he didn’t just tap the case neck for the writing tip.

  5. Why not just buy a cool pen?


  6. Love it, now to spend a ton of money on a lathe! :P