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  • MrColionNoir Talks To Glenn Beck

    A really relaxed interview.  Glenn Beck seems like a cool guy: Your browser does not support iframes. Every time I see MrColionNoir without a hat on I always am like “Oh yea, he’s not bald!”. That’s a tight fade too, I’m not mad at it. I’m rocking a fade now too as some of you…

  • Nutnfancy Interview On Glenn Beck TV

    32 minutes long as expected: Likely edited down from 82 hours worth of footage. 1:20 – “He goes by just the name Nutnfancy… and still not coming out with your real identity”   haha You know what.. I’m not even going to comment on the rest of the video because.. Sheepdogs… WROL.. POU.. etc… Brace…

  • Tactical Pitchfork

    Made by some AR15.com members: