• Shooting a Video with a World War 1 Lens

    This is cool: 100 year old Kodak lens, jury rigged up to a modern DSLR.  I saw that in my suggested vids on YouTube and figured some of you guys would like to see it to. Thoughts?

  • SMGLee Tactical Carbine

    A dude with a DSLR and a Killer eye for shot composition: I became familiar with SMGLee when I came across his photo coverage of the SHOT show in 2009.   In my opinion, SMGLee continues to be one of the few guys that can actually take a picture there worth looking at.   You…

  • Canon AR-15 Rifle

    As I like to call it a “Modern Sporting Camera” The shoulder support with that big of lens would probably be welcome!  The magazines could be extra batteries for those long shoots. Just don’t take pictures or video of the cops doing something wrong using this thing.   It’s a definite way to get yourself…

  • 5 Dudes 1 Draco

    I can’t resist posting gun related video this nice looking. The crisp professionally recorded sound was such a bonus too. I like how the one guy dissed airsoft king freddiew (from youtube) at the end of the vid. haha