Canon AR-15 Rifle

As I like to call it a “Modern Sporting Camera”

The shoulder support with that big of lens would probably be welcome!  The magazines could be extra batteries for those long shoots.

Just don’t take pictures or video of the cops doing something wrong using this thing.   It’s a definite way to get yourself shot.

Also, probably a touchy subject still.. but this is definitely not recommended for use in Baghdad where cameras already resemble AK-47s and RPGs.


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  1. I for one do not believe that the average citizen should own an assault camera. Such image capturing devices only belong on foreign battlefields.

    We need to regulate the extent of civilian ownership in regards to this Ak-47 murder camera. I’m talking about only allowing one triple A battery to a device, putting locks on the SD card slot so that one cannot go on rampant “photo rampages,” getting rid of lens caps (they help the camera fire in full automatic bolt action mode), and removing the little twirly thing inside that spins the film for you. A civilian should have to re-cock the camera after every shot.

    Please, lets ban together to protect our communities. Sign a petition that says “i don’t want this Tec-9 anti-tank assault battle evangelion Suzymiya camera in my neighborhood.” And if not for you, do it for our children’s sake.

    1. ^ ^ ^ genius .

      1. You laugh now, just wait until some crazed, drunken, redneck, racist, tea-partier whips this thing out in a bar and starts shooting at you.

        You’re gonna look awfully silly on Facebook.

        1. Oh god, that was absolutely brilliant.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Poppy, you’re the best thing that emerged from the Rich Graham debacle!

      1. Well, the best thing BESIDES Rich Graham. I mean, lets not get carried away here.

        1. We know you’re beside Rick Graham, and I’m sure you’re even using the same keyboard.

          1. Yep, it’s just like the pottery scene from Ghost.

            Graham is guiding my hands as they type with his firm, masculine fingers. He’s the Patrick Swayze to my Demi Moore, sans the sex. It’s quite bromantic if I do say so myself.

            1. Sans the sex?

              I call shenanigans.

              1. I assure you my fandom is 100% platonic.

  2. It needs some optics up on top. Maybe a red dot sight or other framing device. Better still would be a screen so the shooter can see his target. Or is that in the shoulder thing that goes up?

  3. funny and cool but I’d prefer if they tried NOT to make it resemble a firearm.

  4. I’m a pro-photographer and also a concealed carry permit instructor and think the concept could be cool if it were more of a mount for the camera rather than just a lens attached to it.

    1. The Russians already made one like that. It was called the Zenit PhotoSniper. Basically its a Browning Hi-power like pistol grip with the stock from a folding stock M1 Carbine. Mounted on top was a 300mm lens you could drive a T-62 tank over, mated to a typically dreadful Soviet 35mm camera.

      1. The Russians already made one like that. It was called the Zenit PhotoSniper.

        I think the concept has been around in some variation for a long time.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Actually now that I think of it I’m pretty sure they have bush hawks (or similar) at Cabelas

      2. Here’s a nice all black Zenit PhotoSniper kit. (The one in my collection is grey with a black camera body.)

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          That’s awesome

  5. …. So, would this be the “Shoulder thing that takes Pictures”?

  6. “Come and take it!”

  7. Great concept. I’ve tried a bushhawk and they work alright, but this would prob feel more natural to hold and shoulder.