Tag: design

  • Futuristic Weapon Design By Pascal Eggert

    German graphic designer Pascal Eggert came up with some pretty sick new gun designs:   Thor PDW: Titan C2: Epic A1: Visit His Website – HERE Very interesting designs, both aesthetically and mechanically.

  • Gatorade And The Taliban – Talibade

    In my previous post about the U.S. abandoning their position in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, frequent commenter Aleksandr Mravinsky pointed out that the video showed one of the Taliban bozos at 3min 10sec with a Gatorade (pictured above). So naturally I fired up photoshop…

  • Face Armor – A blank canvas

    When I saw the face armor from MTEK Weapon Systems my initial thought was “That’s a blank canvas, if I’ve ever seen one!” Then I came across this the other day: I bet once more soldiers get ahold of this type of armor, there will be some more creative and artistic designs.