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  • Atomic 6 – The Bruthers Made A Carbon Fiber Embedded Glock Slide

    I think we all knew this was coming: The artsy promo vid: In my opinion Gucci guns are generally dumb… but I am an absolute carbon fiber FIEND so I want this.   I wonder how much weight savings there would be if they could CF mold the entire frame too?  Probably not that much since…

  • PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Firearm Barrels

    PROOF Research is out here getting it: Great video, and looks like this company is on the right track.  Man they have a lot of expensive equipment, and it looks like you could eat off the floor in their facilities.  Is this company heavily investor venture capital backed?  I don’t know anyone who has one of…

  • Machined Carbon Fiber Shotgun Slug

    Monica Taofledermaus has friends in high places: I’d love to see super high resolution and high frame rate slow motion video of that slug hitting the AR500.  Destroying anything carbon fiber is such a flex. You know I love machining vids! Taofledermaus’ friend Tactical G-Code machined them.  You can watch the machining video here: Thoughts?