Atomic 6 – The Bruthers Made A Carbon Fiber Embedded Glock Slide

I think we all knew this was coming:

The artsy promo vid:

In my opinion Gucci guns are generally dumb… but I am an absolute carbon fiber FIEND so I want this.   I wonder how much weight savings there would be if they could CF mold the entire frame too?  Probably not that much since it’s already polymer.  Either way, maybe one of those 3d printing dudes will do that someday.

$2000 without optic.. $2500 with optic, he mentions at around 2:35 in the video.

I’m loving James’ no-date Submariner.  A man of refined taste.  I have the date version, but have had my eye on the no-date for a long time.  The dial symmetry is incredible 🤤.