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  • Heizer Defense Pocket AK-47 PAK1 Gets Absolutely Roasted

    Initially I assumed this was a sponsored video from Brandon.  😂  a couple minutes in, and I’m 100% sure it’s not: Oh lawd Heizer Defense… I realize this is totally a “because we could” type gun.. but yea 7.62x39mm out of a barrel that’s not even a few inches long just screams pointless. 1:20 –…

  • 7.62x39mm 12GA Wax Slug

    More interesting wax slugs with Mattv2099: If you remember, he first did the 7.62x54r wax slugs last week and they worked pretty decently. Seems like more than anything these just “look” cool.  They end up being expensive, time consuming, messy to make, and not very effective. :(

  • 200 Rounds On An AK-47

    Mags coupled like a boss: I was previously aware of these magazines, but for some reason I never thought how awesome they would be coupled together until I saw that video. For maximum lolz they should have mounted a toilet seat on the AK-47 though instead of that folding stock. That would be a heck…

  • 7.62x19mm

    Oh yeeeeeeeahhhhh: 7.62×39 bullet in a 9mm casing.  When you get hit with this, it’s SO over! Glock… I hope you’re listening;  when I win the lottery I’m commissioning you to make a gun in this caliber for me.

  • Breast Implants Apparently Stop Bullets

    Back on July 1st, 2009 a 30-year-old man distraught over a divorce was booked on suspicion of murder after he walked into a Simi Valley, CA dental office and allegedly shot and killed his wife and wounded three others. Jamie Peredes allegedly walked into the office and began firing an SKS semiautomatic assault rifle. SKS…