Oh yeeeeeeeahhhhh:

7.62×39 bullet in a 9mm casing.  When you get hit with this, it’s SO over!

Glock… I hope you’re listening;  when I win the lottery I’m commissioning you to make a gun in this caliber for me.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Somebody must do this. And then do it with a .45 casing. Because 9mm is weak lol.

    1. It’d have to be bottlenecked I assume. 7.62x23mm

  2. It’s still not as cool as the .50 necked down to .17. That was a sweet round.

    1. I really want someone to build a barrel chambered in it just so we can get some numbers on how fast it would move.

      1. The mass of the bullet is pretty much the same as a 9mm. It would probably move about as fast as a 9mm round normally moves.

        1. No I mean I want the specs on a .17BMG round.

          Most 7.62×39 is around 147 grains. Slightly heavier than some 9mm loads.

          1. Most 7.62×39 is 123 grains, the heaviest you usually see in 9×19 is 147 grains.

          2. The .17 one i have no idea, I think it’s just a novelty. the .22 Eargesplitten Louden Boomer was about 400 FPS shy of 5000 FPS with a 50 grain bullet

            1. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
              Hrachya Hayrapetyan

              .17BMG is a horrible wildcat…actually .50BMG case necked down to .17 caliber ! I don’t think somebody has ever shoot it (I don’t think it’s possible to shoot…even if possible for what it can be used?).I think people who designed it did it just for fun.
              Check this link and you’ll see a .17BMG

  3. Oh pft. You can’t honestly believe that 7.62 is going be a man stopper. That 7.62europellet doesn’t have jack diddly squat in the stopping power department when compared to .50ACP and its 655 grains of body slaying power.


    1. ozwald Avatar

      wow dude.

  4. Actually, J.D. Jones has already made something along the same lines using the .30 Luger (7.65mm Parabellum) case. He calls it the 7.65mm Micro-Whisper, and chambers it in T/C Contenders equipped with sound suppressors..

    1. lone survivor Avatar
      lone survivor

      JDJ also does chambering in 7.62X25 with heavy bullets.
      How about necking down the 380 Auto to 308 and loaded with 150 gr. bullets?

      1. You would be nearly there if you started with brass for the .32 NAA.

  5. It reminds me of the 5.56×30mm MINSAS

  6. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
    Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Woow nice experiment !!! :)
    Try also the vice versa variant… I mean blow out 7.62×39 case to accept 9mm bullet from 9×19 and can be made a pretty interesting gun …say 9mm AK47 ! :):):)

      1. The Russians already did that.

        That doesn’t use a bullet from a 9×19. The bullet weight on that is about twice that of the pistol’s bullet.

        1. But it is arguably a better bullet than a high velocity projectile intended for a handgun.

      2. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
        Hrachya Hayrapetyan

        I know about 9×39…but it uses specific 9mm subsonic spitzer bullet to be used in AS VAL, Vintorez etc. It’s easier to do a DIY ammo using conventional , widely available bullets from 9×19. It’ll be easier to make for handloaders …just fireforming 7.62×39 case and fitting 9mm bullet…can be a nice plinker..can even bring some game and do some home defense job. Maybe the weak point will be the headspacing long case on neck like in pistol cartridges (on neck thickness), but in other hand .50beowulf headspaces in neck thickness and it’s not bad.
        Also can use .357 revolver bullets…I guess it can even accept .40cal (10mm) pistol bullets from 10mm auto or .40S&W…

        1. It’s easier to do a DIY ammo using conventional , widely available bullets from 9×19. It’ll be easier to make for handloaders …

          What would be the point? You go to all the trouble to reform and reload a case and you end up with a round that has the same mass as the original and is ballistically inferior.

          1. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
            Hrachya Hayrapetyan

            I think it would be ballistically different, not inferior… 10mm or 9mm expansive HP bullet will do different job than a .30 FMJ spitzer, won’t it?
            The point is just thoughts about another crazy wildcat ammo … I don’t say that it’s a super genious and practical idea…just thoughts.

    1. Actually, the 9x39mm has been recreated by wildcatters in the US. It is better to base it upon 0.357-0.358″ diameter bullets than the 0.355″. That way you can use any projectile ranging from the lightweight .38 Special on up to the heavyweight .35 Whelen.

      1. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
        Hrachya Hayrapetyan

        Agree with Daniel E. Watters concerning .357 !