Kyle Rittenhouse Fires a Mini Gun And People On Twitter Don’t Like it

ME: *Meh + yawn + biigggg stretch*:

If you click through to read the comments on Twitter, I have to warn you they are reaching Facebook levels of cringe.

This kid seems to be successfully doing what that bozo George Zimmerman attempted to do.. which is turn himself into a celebrity.  I’m not sure how that’s turning out financially, but I’m sure he has billions of hardcore sheepdog style supporters worldwide.  Regardless of the fact I don’t personally like the cut of this kid’s jib (based mostly off my gut feeling), I will sympathize that the rough thing about the justice system is that even though he was acquitted of all major charges his life is totally ruined.  Shitty to say the least.

Naturally he partnered with an online game studio to promote a game where you “Play as Kyle Rittenhouse to destroy fake news turkeys in a simple point n’ shoot game for all ages to enjoy!”.  YIKES, that’s turbo cringe.  There’s even a “fake news turkey shoot” rap song at 0:50.

Damn I wish app sales numbers were public.  How many people are spending the $10 for this game?  I need to know haha.

It’s only a matter of time before Rittenhouse BBQ sauce, and tactical self defense tool which doubles as a pie fork get released.