Front Sight Firearms Training Testimonials Are EXACTLY What You’d Expect

For the new “gold status” membership. Tell me this isn’t exactly what you expected.  💅 I’ll wait…

The old folks are LOVING the “gold status” upgrade.

It’s inspirational how the boomer sales funnel at Front Sight is second to none.. absolutely TUNED IN.  Although the site doesn’t look like it has been updated since 1992, I’m sure it converts like crazy.  I can’t even find anything on the site’s membership page about this “gold status” membership, but a quick google search brings up this Nevada Shooters forum post from a couple months ago, with the gold status email pasted.  When I saw the length of that email in the post I was like 🤣😂💀 yea I’m not reading that.  I took that email and copy/pasted it into an online word counter, and I SHIT YOU NOT it’s 3342 words ahaha.  Who has time for that?  I guess that only solidifies exactly who the intended audience is in the first place. With my poor attitude, it’s Looking like I won’t be getting gold status + my name crookedly scrawled on a piece of tape and stuck to my hat. Really puts things into perspective.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you’re new here, that is indeed an “Ignatius Pizza” as the thumbnail.