Desk Pop Friday – Week 1

smh 😫🤣 this guy. Ruger 5.7 shot from his work desk:

Serbu is funny.  I get that it’s a work / shop computer, but the SHEER AMOUNT of crap that comes out of the end of the gun when you fire a round would make me never want to do this.  The monitors, keyboard, desk etc.. would all be covered in residue.  Oh man.. the hot ejected casings just flying everywhere at his desk too.  My literal nightmare, I’d have to buy all know stuff and deep clean the room.

That bullet trap he has is actually pretty cool.  They make them in a wide range of sizes too seemingly.   2:50 – “It can take up to .308”.  Are we gonna see a .308 desk pop eventually? 🤔

3:35 – NOOOOOO Desk Pop Friday isn’t going to be a series.

Thoughts?  Probably good this isn’t going to be a reoccurring series.. I’m keeping the title with “WEEK 1” in it anyways though.