Print Shoot Repeat – You’re A Machine Gun (Music Video)

I say this all the time, and have been saying it off rip.. Print Shoot Repeat is a living legend:

I’m liking the fisheye lens with the goggle reflection and hand movements.  Reminds me of the Mo Money Mo Problems music video.. such a classic:

I actually don’t know how old Print Shoot Repeat is, but since he’s into good music I can only assume he knows the Notorious B.I.G. song.  I don’t know why, but I always think everyone gets my references; I just assume unless they look like a 11 year old or a boomer, then they must be around the same age as me.  This has proven to be false numerous times lately on Instagram posts and comments I made haha.  Oh well that’s the job of a generation.. to put the younger generations up on game.  I still listen to all the ridiculously good music my dad put me on to [REDACTED] years ago.

If you’re looking for some more info on either one of the triggers he mentions, here you go – Rare Breet FRT 15 and the WOT AR-15 Trigger.