Brandon Talking About The AK-50 V3

I’m always down for some AK-50 news:

That thing is going to be so epic when it’s complete.  I admire that he hasn’t given up on it after all these years.  That’s how you win.. you keep after it and keep working through the problems.

4:46 – That is one of the most lived in hats I’ve seen in a while.  The sweat and sun fades are almost too good, it looks like factory distressing.

He’s definitely going about things the right way, even though it’s taking a while.  Last thing you want is finding out your machined parts have tons of issues, when you could have figured that out the cheap / easy way in 3d printing.

6:52 – LOL what the.. 😂 that’s awesome the gun is actually in Fallout new Vegas.  haha complete with spongebob tape and all.

Thoughts?  Hopefully .50BMG ammo isn’t $50 per round by the time they are for sale.

I gave Brandon a couple years back.  I was hoping to give it to him when the project was getting close to done, but since it was taking so long I didn’t want to keep paying renewal fees so I gave it to him early.  He hasn’t used it for anything yet, but hopefully it makes its debut with the completed gun.