Situational Awareness In SHTF

The homie Prepper Dave WENT IN:

I actually dropped in when Dave was premiering this video LIVE on YouTube.  I’ve actually never seen that “Premiere LIVE” thing up before.  Pretty cool actually, there was a live chat and everything.  A guy name Berettian said hi to me and said he was wearing his No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt, so that was flattering.  Always nice to hear and see ENDO shirts in use.

I fired up Breaking Bad on Netflix recently just to see what it looks like on the new TV in 4K.  Prepper Dave definitely gives me ASAC Schrader vibes.

Thoughts? I’m really impressed with Prepper Dave’s production value, his vid thumbnails, script, and everything. My immediate prejudice is that old guys wouldn’t be able to produce such high quality content, but I am proven wrong.