Pat McNamara Continues To Thrive During The Pandemic

My mans hit the content pivot, and is baking apple pies!

haha good stuff.  This content really spoke to me, because A) I’m always in the kitchen, and B) I have become obsessed with plants.  The fig tree he has in the background looks like it’s doing well except for part of that one leaf (bacterial infection?); I love that for him and his wife.  I had to pour one out recently 🍺, because we discovered thrips on our new Monstera.  They were really going to town on it.  Thankfully, we immediately quarantined it so none of the other plants nearby got infested.  Sadly we were unable to save it.  The place we bought it from had a guarantee though, so I took it back and we swapped it out for a nice zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ Plant) IYKYK ;).  We would have got another Monstera, but my girlfriend looked over the ones in-store and they all had thrips on them 😭.  Oh well, we’ll keep our eye out when the plug comes through with another batch.  We were going to save a cutting off the thrip infested monstera, and propagate it ourselves but deemed it too risky.

The only thing that could have made the video better was if he went FULL-pinterest influencer and used a fancy knife to cut the apple, then criss-crossed the top crust, or made an elaborate design of some sort.


Gat tip: Maison