The Serbu Gun Show That Never Was

Yasssss 30 second into it and I see monica Royal Nonesuch (my former-future stepson) already making an appearance.  Royal was really ahead of the curve with the Hawaiian print shirts, damn.  Menswear loves those shirts now. I’m going to be looking to him so I can catch that next wave before it crests.

Oh man Flirty Mc Fliterson Royal TURNS THE CHARM UP.  My dude 🤝.

This is the type EXACT of show that should exist… not that lame Sons Of Guns trash.  It was such trash they actually threw the main NeVa BiN DUn BeFo guy in jail for the rest of his life for making a trash show.  😬😬😬 I only wish… the reason he’s in jail is FAR more sinister and gross than that, I don’t even recommend googling it.