Crown Royal Whisky AR-15

How much do I have to drink, to forget this exists? 😭😂

Naturally they used a Springfield Armory SAINT.  That AR-15 was one of the most heavily hyped up and marketed ARs I’ve ever seen.  Practically every iNfLuEnCeR was talking about it on YouTube and instagram… it was max cringe.  I see that kind of thing and am immediately go into concerned “ohnobabywhatisyoudoin?” mode.

Cringe aside, the objective of this project was to obviously make the AR look like a Crown Royal bag… so definitely mission accomplished, they did a nice job.  A company called Schiwerks near Sioux City, Iowa made it if you’re interested in getting something like this done.

Remember when cringe bloggers used to say “more info after the jump”, or something like that?  They typically did it to increase page views, so then they could tell their cringe advertisers “we get XXXXXXX page views per month”… works like a charm apparently.  I’m doing it this time because I don’t want to embed like 4mb of pictures and take up 3ft of real estate on the main page haha.

Any thoughts?  You into spending more money on the paint job than the actual gun?

Oh and PS since we’re talking purple. FREE THE GUY A$AP Rocky:

Gat tip: Jason