A Brass Deflector For Your AR-15 Which Already Has A Brass Deflector

This is peak… peak a lot of words:

Holy the comments on the Instagram post I made are absolutely out of control, I was dying laughing at a lot of them.

I can’t stress enough that if you like this thing you should head immediately to The Spartan Shields website and pick a few up.  They are $24.99 now, which is 50% off the usual $50 price.  No telling how long that sale will be on, so if your police department or SF unit is thinking about picking some up you fellas could really save yourselves a lot of money.

The shield itself reads “Raise your shield to protect the man next to you”.  It was invented and manufactured by a vet… I’m assuming military veteran, although they aren’t specific on the website so it could very well be a veterinarian.

Naturally, it’s “patent pending”, gotta protect the valuable IP AT ALL COSTS.


Gat tip: knuckleduster66