Springfield XD-40 Review For Sheepdogs Only

If you don’t protect the flock KEEP SCROLLING BUDDY.  Don’t hit play:

haha this is pretty good, like OG mattv2099 style.  I don’t want to spoil the jokes by time stamping them and writing them out to then in turn but the standard “LOL toooooo good” beside it, so just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Gat tip: Will, who in the email said “my friend showed me this video”… a classic line said by those sending in their own content.  I’m perfectly fine with that btw, you just should own it when it’s that good.  A classic ENDO story is that NOIR did the same thing to me when he started making videos…. I’m talking like way wayyy back when I was parent’s basement living and we both had better hairlines and less stress.  Next time I’m at my parent’s house *implying I don’t still live there* I should fire up that OLD pc, load up gmail classic and burn that email for a few days into an old LCD monitor that’s kicking around then get him to sign it and co-auction it with him on eBay for charity; to maybe to send a Sheepdog and his family to Disneyland.