Sig Sauer Back At It With A Tread Ad For The Females

Someones cool mom featured in this LiFeStYLe RiFLe Ad:

Thirsty Ian Burns writes in the YouTube comments – “If i buy the rifle does she come with it? 😂” . Holy that’s original.  I bet cool mom is contacting YouTube as we speak to try and get the deets on this guy… like “His email address or something!” she pleads.

I know they say lifestyle marketing works well, but holy is it peak cringe.  I don’t even want to imagine a woman watching this ad and being like “YES!” … “Wow Lisa, Sig gets me”… “Holy… Sig hit the nail on the head again with that point.”… “Kevin remember a while back when you called me a restless soul with a wild heart? THAT’S WHAT THEY CALLED THE VIDEO.  OMG I’m buying this, it’s so me.”

0:56 – Lucky .223 kicks like a baby or she wouldn’t be doing another lifestyle commercial until a massive black eye healed up.

This is the 2nd Tread video I’ve blogged about.  Yes you’d be correct in assuming I didn’t much care for the other videos either because they follow the same format.

Thoughts? At least Sig didn’t go the cheap route and put cool mom in a bikini for any part of the video.