TEDx Talk On The 2nd Amendment Being Misunderstood

Lawyer William Harwood 🗣 speaks on something that has been rehashed 10million times:

3:53 – “the court explained that the 2nd amendment was designed to protect state militia… and as state militia were out of vogue in the 20th century, the continued relevance of the 2nd amendment became highly questionable.” How come there wasn’t at least one “BOOOOOOO” from the audience for that one.  Oh are TEDx talks classy?  Whoops.

6:20 – I wonder what Charlton Heston would think of the NRA today?  Probably not much… putting another nail in the NRA coffin today by not fighting the bump stock ban which officially happened today.

9:30 – Talking about what he says the Supreme court Heller decision “essentially” says.

Ugh… here are his views summed up:

11:52 – “It is my hope, that when the limitations on the Second Amendment are understood.  The 2nd amendment will no longer be an impediment to the passage of reasonable and common sense gun laws.  And when that occurs the people of the United States, through their elected representatives will be able to join the rest of the civilized world where guns are carefully and thoughtfully regulated in order to keep us safe from gun violence”

Ok so yea basically let criminals run amok, and screw everyone else… cool story bro.