Speedy Rubber Dummy CQB

TIME Magazine calls him: “One of the greatest rubber dummy shooters of our time”:

The last one, where he really comes down on it is my favorite.  I always get this guy and the t-rex arms kid mixed up.  Both are really fast, do something church related as their main thing, and have a penchant for tight fitting denim.  I can’t related on the first two, but on the last point you already know the kid (me, ENDO) is rocking the SPICY 🌶 tight taper on the leg AKA that Naked & Famous “Super Guy”, which hilariously enough they recently renamed to that, from the previous “Super Skinny Guy”… I’m assuming it was because alpha bros 💪 felt emasculated asking shop girls to fetch them something with the words “super skinny” in them.  Couldn’t be me.