Glock Is My Constant Ad Directed Towards Law Enforcement

Not bad:

You know I’m a Glock fanboi.  I especially like the route they took with this narrator’s voice… he actually sounds like a cool guy that I would crush a few beers with out on the patio, and could hold a good conversation with.  Their competition (I say that loosely, because is Springfield REALLY actually competing with Glock on any level?) decided to pick a dude with a voice that would make even the most manly man feel like a little wimp that was about to get beat up, laughed about, then have a video of it uploaded to social media and shared with everyone they know.  Just clicking through and watching that video again made me want to do some pushups and curls and drink a few protein shakes before I even walk past a mirror again and see my 6’4″ wispy sub-200lb body.

0:25 / 1:27 – I saw the white hands in cuffs and the white hands on the back of his his head before he hit the ground and I was like *phew* (for them) as I exhaled.  Imagine the extra free advertising they could have got if those weren’t the whitest hand you’ve ever seen? haha everyone’s aunties on facebook who have never even touched a gun in their lives would have been like *clicks share with my friends* “GLOCK IS DONE”.

0:37 – Those front factory slide serrations tho.  FLEXXXXXXXX.

1:30 – “Without the sheepdogs, the wolves will hunt the sheep without mercy” 😬😬😬 haha I wasn’t expecting that.  I truly thought the whole “Sheepdog” thing was like early gun cringe that would have went away by now.  It seems to be getting stronger, and growing into a bigger beast than I ever could have imagined.

1:39 – Sick animation of the logo.  I like that.  I need to animate my logo.  I have some obvious ideas of what to do since it’s a selector switch and all.

Thoughts?  You mad at the Law Enforcement specific marketing?  Not me.  I think it’s money well spent, and a good focus since a lot of people want what the police and military are using anyways.