Resurrecting A Destroyed Uzi Like An NFA Puzzle

SERBU chefs it up in the lab:

He’s actually completing that auto one in a later “Part 3” video.  Here’s a video where he makes up a semi-auto Uzi up from a combination of a parts kit and a pre-made receiver:

The videos are worth watching.  If you’re only going to watch one of them, just watch part 1, because there’s some overlap in part two (although a few different problems he had to solve).  He bought the chopped up pieces as a parts kit from APEX for $129 haha! Mark Serbu is an interesting guy. I hope to see more collaborative efforts between him and Royal Nonesuch in the future. I’m sure Royal is honing his skills more and more every day since he now can also manufacture NFA items legally. That RN-50 they linked up on was pretty epic. I’m hoping the next one is something automatic 😏.

<– clickbait hehe because it’s Mark in the video not Valerie.  Got you.