Vuhlandes Documentary Behind The Camera In Front Of The Gun

Nice visuals.  A lot of guns.  Vuhlandes is a photographer from the hood in Detroit MI:

Definitely a lot of considerations when doing photography in the hood, as he mentions near the start of the documentary.  Surprisingly “firearm safety” isn’t mentioned among the concerns.  The trigger discipline in this video is actually among the best I’ve seen (for the most part)… also surprising.  LOL a lot of protective covers on all the AK and Draco charging handles.

6:25 – Holy that L. Georges 😬.  Looks clean inside there but wow that’s a lot of protective (bulletproof?) glass.

18:05 – LOL they discuss “boomerangs” (the animated gifs which loop back and forth), and then the pronunciation of gif.  Classic stuff.  I’m “JIFF” camp for life.

A lot of the guys in the videos actually have some pretty decent guns.  I was bracing for an appearance of an ENDO AR-15 stock to Glock adapter, but didn’t catch any.

You can check out his instagram page and his website if you’re interested in seeing more of his photography.  Really incredible pictures.

Thoughts?  I wonder how many of the individuals in the video are legally allowed to possess a firearm?  I’d like to think all of them all, but we all know there are definitely some people out there stupid enough to appear in a video breaking laws, which they know damn well is going up on YouTube.