3D Animations Of How Different Firearms Work

Interesting / nicely done videos:

These 45snipers YouTube guys have talent.  Are there 45 spinpers?  Or are they sniping with .45?🤔 I mentioned before that I might rebrand as a 2nd Amendment DJ (playing only the most fire pro-second amendment hits)… I could picture these videos being projected on the grimy brick walls in the warehouses I throw the pro-2A parties in.  I would just pick random locations all over the USA (the world once it gains popularity), touch down in the private jet and send up the bat signal on social media for everyone to come thru.  I’d likely just do it for sport; there would be a small cover charge I would use to buy guns to give aways, and the parties would include unlimited alcohol from incredible sponsorship deals I no doubt secured.

I really need to give my DJ intro / hype adlib sounds some thought.  It definitely will include automatic gunfire and the brand name. Maybe “ENDO LET THESE *auto gun fire sounds* KNOW MAN” *crazy hard beat drops over violin riff* “TURN UP” *sound of brass hitting concrete*.