VODA Is At A New Location Talking About Drawing Your Gun

Smooth slowjam sample in the background to set the mood, looking like a damn shitty stressed out little league football coach:

Which one of his auntie’s houses is he at this time?  Seems like his accent isn’t as strong in this video.  Bomboclat.  The Raphael Ravenscroft “feel it in the air” sample is fire tbh.  The original song linked is much better not sped up.

0:56 – Oh god… please tell me his IWB holster is one of those ones where it holds the gun really low and you gotta pull the tab to get it up.  nm confirmed later it’s not.

5:01 – ARGH why does he keep trolling us and calling it a Blackhawk Sephora holster.  Dude it’s SERPA… try and bend your accent around that, damn.

I continue to be impressed how this guy can just get in front of the camera and talk shit for 10 minutes or more.  It’s really a gift.  His dedication to this, when his videos usually get under 200 views is also admirable.

All in all this video is quite a waste of time… but I was blogging while writing this post so I figured I might publish it anyways since the work is done.