Taking A Look At the Springfield Armory M1A

Pull up… a chair:

Good video.  I didn’t realize it required so much hand fitting in today’s day and age.  I just figured they hit the green button on the CNC machine, and everything came out fitting perfectly down to the thousandth of an inch.

I’m still choked ever since one of you guys put me onto this little fact:

In 1974, the Springfield Armory name was licensed to Robert Reese, to form Springfield Armory, Inc., a company that manufactures semi-automatic versions of the M14 rifle and M1911 pistol. The company is not located in or near Springfield, Massachusetts and has no direct association with the original Springfield Armory.

That hit me in the feels, because all their marketing really is pushing the history angle; “Since 1794” in their official logo too.

Looks like Springfieldgate was successfully swept under the rug.  Good for them I guess?  Not really surprising.  The internet forgets even the most heinous shit in no time at all, especially when it comes to brands that make products which people own, or want to own.