NewAge Jerkboy Is Married To The Game

Oh wow, there is a lot going on here.  Beat is 🔥 though:

LOL some of you guys are going to have an actual brain aneurism after watching it.  I had to Lohan cringe face the

1:07 – Oh damn… we’ll that’s highly problematic.  Do they not know Jeff Cooper and the man’s rules of firearm safety? haha

2:05 – Sweet mother of god he’s wearing tan colored cowboy boots too.

2:36 – No punshier or spartan stickers on the Threep Wrangler.  Would. Not. Drive.

As shocking as this video is, it really has bin dun befo.  Dennis Rodman (the look anyways)… Young Thug (everything).  Kind of old news, but still gets views and hurts feelings though so why not.

Thoughts?  Pretty hilarious how YouTube demonitized gun channels, but will gladly push ads on this guy’s stuff 😂.