Funker Got Cooked In His Own Reality Based Training Vid Comments

The marketing machine fired up and made this “your reality training isn’t realistic” type video:

Neva bin done befo as usual.  This comment by CircaSriYak cracked me up:

I’m fucking sick of this retarded fad of trying to “Out-reality” everybody else. You think you’re that edgy kid preaching truth to power, when really its been done to fucking death.

I’m just sick of hearing “Yeah kid, that’s some awesome skill and solid tactics BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU DON’T STAND IN A CHANCE IN A “REAL” FIGHT.”

Fuck OFF

Call the burn unit.  Get that Funker man some cold water and prescription ointment.

There are actually quite a few more burns in the comments.  Another favorite of mine is by T Saxondale – “My BS is not as BS as your BS”. ahhaha.

Thoughts?  What’s with the smooth beat in the background with the sexy sax outro?  That Aperture logo is pretty cool.. shield with the camera aperture and “Fight Focused” underneath.