Hobby River Diver Finds Kimber Handgun In Bag Underwater

I post this type of video every now and then.  People sure lose a lot of stuff in rivers:

I started the video embed at the exact time he secures the bag (Future reference haha some of you might have caught).

4:44 – He pulls the gun out.  I’m absolutely flabbergasted that a 1911 was able to stay under water for presumably more than 10 seconds and not be a pile of rust.

9:38 – Will the police department really destroy the gun after 30 days if someone doesn’t claim it?  If so, that’s weak.  You think they would at least give the guy who went out of his way to report it, a couple days or so to pick it up if he wanted it.  At least he got to keep the watch for his trouble. I actually wouldn’t mind a watch like that for hiking. I was thinking about picking up a Suunto Core at some point for that… although it’s been kind of nice that this summer I didn’t get the ridiculous tan line I normally do when I wear a watch hiking.

For entertainment purposes I really wish that bag would have had 🍰🍰🍰% paraphernalia and patches all over it.  The kimber could have definitely used a punisher skull and some Molon Labe too for added humor.


Gat tip: Matthew