Edwin Sarkissian Is The Ultimate Gun Video Shitposter

I clicked around this guy’s channel for a bit to see if anything has changed:

His eponymous channel, Edwin Sarkissian now has a whopping 341,000 subscribers.  Incredible.  That video above, has 7.38M as in MILLION views.  I don’t know what happened to make that one so popular, because most others only have around 30k – 100k.  I see that in my first post on Edwin I while back, I called him “basically a less interesting Mattv2099 with an accent.”  LOL I say some wild stuff, it’s funny reading old posts.  My assessment still stands though.  Sadly Mattv2099 rarely makes videos now.  Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “We get the Mattv2099 we deserve”? *sigh* Shitposting or not, Edwin really does seem like a nice guy. I’m glad he’s seeing success from the work he puts in.