Stop Seeking Justification For Dumb Gun Gadgets

Funker Tactical marketing machine cooking up content again:

I can’t say I disagree.  That said, if spending your own money which you worked for on things for your gun which make you happy (either temporarily or long term) then I say go for it.  I used to buy a lot of stupid shit, now I get annoyed when I realize I own some things which I don’t like and/or don’t use anymore.

Oh Oh… FLEX ALERT 🚨 FLEX ALERT 🚨 3:00 – “I could have a $2500 optic almost overnighted to me by most companies”

Oh and just in case you thought their opinion didn’t matter… wait for it… wait for it…. at 4:27 & 4:31 THE JUSTIFICATION.  Jokes aside though these guys seem like badasses.