Stage Berner Will Have You Burning Ammo Like A Damn Boss

Videos filmed on a roast beef sandwich.  The product looks alright though:

A demonstration:

The two sided tape revelation in the first video had me like “whos mans haha?”.  I don’t know anything about speed shooting, but it looks like it works.  Are accessories like this legal in things like 3 gun though? It seems that’s what they are marketing it towards. For some reason I thought people used tubes filled with shells which they just stripped off into the shotgun in one push. Oh yea… well since I was thinking out loud here’s that product in action:

The first product in this post sells for between $60 and $66 over at Stage Berner. Which one do you like better product #1 or #2?

Thoughts?  You gonna burn some stages with this thing 🔥 or what?

Gat tip: ohthatdudematt