Funker Tactical Marketing Machine Talks To VODA For Eons

I have spare time today, but you better believe I’m not watching FUNKER x VODA for a damn hour and half:

The Funker marketing machine knows what they are doing though, I’ll say that much.  VODA’s shitshow is the hot topic right now in the gun community.  I’m sure the video contains tons of “because racism”, “I’m an educator”, “I’m an innovator”, and various other chest puffed out stuff VODA always gasses himself up on.  The guy is a menace pure and simple.  Judging by the few comments I read on the above YouTube video, people are pretty outraged this guy was given a platform to talk his slick talk.

Thoughts?  Did you watch it? 😂

Gat tip: b3dlam, california_guncontrol