Machining A .45 Caliber Pistol Out Of A Solid Damn Block Of Steel

Just the way John Moses Browning intended:

Yoooo this is lit.  No sound in the video, so feel free to overlay your own soundtrack.  Two or three songs should do it because the length is 11 minutes.

Here’s my playlist if anyone cares:

Post Malone – Broken Whiskey Glass
Future – Mad Luv
Future – Draco (because everything including a 1911 is a “Draco” if you have been listening to rap or watching any of the “hood” vids I’ve posted in the past 6 months.)

Your wcw just set down a crate at 0:39.  A lot of women in this video doing the work.  The war effort was awesome.  There’s just too many awesome timestamps in this video to mention so I’m going to let you just watch it.

Oh wait 7:51 – I bet you guys don’t even blouse your shirt like this guy *smfh* haha


Gat tip: SaysUncle