Suppressor Marketing On Why You Shouldn’t Wait For HPA To Pass To Buy

SIG SAUER’s John Hollister explains:

It all seems plausible regarding material prices going up, excise tax, and wait period increasing due to increased demand.  Plus, they are offering that $200 tax credit so you are essentially not paying for the NFA tax stamp.  There’s really no reason to complain besides about the potential current wait period.  Ya ya some guys will still be like “TAXATION IS THEFT… SO WHAT I GET A DAMN REBATE, THE ATF STILL GOT THEIR MONEY”.  Wow, ok bro go molon some more labe. haha

Yea it would be nice just to pick a silencer up off the shelf at a gun store, and walk out with it some day.  I haven’t been keeping up with all this enough to know if that’s still a remote possibility currently.