Blade Runner 2049 Should Be Good

Ryan Gosling is bae:

Yea I’ll go see this just for the Gosling / Leto duo alone.

0:41 – Damn smart guns

1:45 – Cool, Dave Bautista is in the movie.  He wears ENDO shirts, here’s one of the pics I could find that I reposted.

It must be difficult to film and act in movies like this, where basically everything looks like it’s probably green screen.

In theaters October 6, 2017

Thoughts?  Are you going to see this in theaters?  I always say I’m going to see something in the theaters, but to keep it real when it comes down to it I really would rather watch something at home where I can drink all the craft beer I want, and pee without missing anything.  Also, home snacks while watching movies are key.  Every once and a while it’s nice to see a movie in the theater though.  If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time though you’ll know I’m very much against forced advertising… the pre roll ads in the theater are so painful I can barely even.