Wilson Combat EDC X9 1911

LOL at the first 30 seconds being about subscribing to a physical magazine.  LOL this is 2017 last time I checked.  No thanks brah.

0:53 – Is he tough?  Or is he pooping?  Oh gasp we looked down the barrel.  So unconventional!

1:04 – Shoots so flat.  And yessss our first tactical no-look check followed by a little left-right-left-right of the gun just to finesse it.

1:12 – Cool we’re going to see some machining footage.

You can watch the rest of the video if you care about the specs.

I mean, I guess it’s nice and all if you want a $2900 1911.  Im sure plenty of Molon Labe’ers will be buying one of these for the safe; keeping an eyeglass cleaning microfiber cloth near by just in case a pesky fingerprint happens to end up on the finish.