S&W M&P M2.0 – Anyone Shitting Bricks Throwing Money At Their Screen?

2.0 brahs… This is like the movie clueless, if you’re still running last season’s 1.0 you can’t sit with us at the lunch table:

Anyone finna cop this?  Like I said recently… 2017 better bring some innovation to impress me, not a new version number and seemingly some minor tweaks to the old injection mold.

I remembered recently that S&W changed their name on Jan 1st to “American Outdoor Brands Corp.” so I was puzzled why this wasn’t called the American Outdoor Brands Corp. M&P M2.0.  Like I usually do though, I just skimmed through the article on Bloomberg but now I see the firearms division will continue to operate as Smith And Wesson.  *Phew* I thought that name was being changed on everything in order to not trigger people, but it looks like an overall good branding move.

Oh and does the M2.0 still have a magazine disconnect as a “feature”.  HARD PASS if so.  I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone could possibly want a gun to NOT shoot in the case of the magazine not being seated.