A Veritable Tactical Dumpster Fire

This mans PistolManiac100 *smh* an actual trash can is even used as concealment:

Oh wow, hi 2017.  2017 be like “BUCKLE UP ENDO”.  Is this real life?  Hope everyone had some time off and enjoyed themselves.  I did.  Molon’d an unusually high amount of labe (for me anyways), ate a lot of food… you guys know how I do it by now.

From the video description: Teaching you another great tactical pistol shooting technique. Using the 1911 pistol as I normally do. Train with me and you train like a man. More to come.

1:56 – He brought a little kid to witness this.

4:37 – Gotta hit us with the slow mo for style purposes.  Ooooooo man.

5:30 – Advanced training.  He had to remind us.

Thoughts?  I’m not trying to be a dick, but you jelly of his skills and his kit?  Needles to say I subscribed to this channel, hopeful of future shenanigans.  The 779 subscribers he currently has doesn’t accurately reflect the entertainment value.

Gat tip: no uno