Royal Nonesuch Homemade Gun Collection Overview

Yesssssss Yung Richie Nonesuch-Serbu shows us the collection:

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchThis man (formerly my future step son) is a living legend.  I picture young John Browning doing the same shit, but dressed like a sir rather than a retired dude or a geriatric Asian tourist.

Happy that after all those gun sheningans he still hasn’t comprimised his manual dexterity or his vision.  My dude even got a girl out of the situation.  We’ll maybe he didn’t I don’t really know for sure… I need to start hiring TMZ-like paparazzi to follow these gun celebs around and report on the minutia of their lives (for the culture).   It would definitely help uncover why Royal wears a ring on his left hand ring finger.  The buzz on past ENDO comments is that Valerie proposed.

Thoughts? Am I the only one that hears the outro music and is like “UNGGGGGGH TURN MY HEADPHONES UP…. LOUDER…. LOUDER. UGGGGGH I’M ABOUT TO GO IN…”