Bionic Hands Are The New Threat To Gun Grabbers

Bionic arms with hands that could pull triggers faster than you can imagine.  Good short documentary:

terminator-armDARPA be crazy, amirite guise?  I can think 5000 rounds per minute, so look out paper targets and Hi-Point triggers.  You could even have multiple bionic arms shoot multiple guns by just thinking about it happening.  After seeing this video I’d shoot all rabid raccoons first.

5:05 – Yoooooo why is this guy wearing a choker?  Whose mans is this?  Who let this slide? LOL

Sarah from Bachelor in Paradise might want to get one of these.  *hears crickets* *clears throat* Uh I mean I saw something on an ad once about that show, so I made the connection.  *phew, disaster averted*

Jokes aside, this advancement is amazing.  They raise an interested question in the video about how once bionic arms become more advanced will everyone want them?  Judging by the dependence and fascination with technology already I’m going to say it’s likely.  Definitely creates a whole bunch of concerns on all sorts of levels.  Thoughts?