Tactical Pizazz Is A Necessity

LOL this guy.  Look at all the tactical pizazz:

Basically in 2016 if you’re not doing all types of no-look scans, leans, twists, snatches, t-rex holds, gun covers, gun twists etc.. etc… then you ain’t shit.  The Israeli method of not carrying a loaded gun is alive an well evidently.  I always find myself asking WHY.

Someone please explain to me the purpose of the “tactical gun cover” with the left hand at 0:35?  The explanation “BECAUSE TACTICAL PIZAZZ” is perfectly reasonable.

Instructor-SemThis video really looks like an application for a tactical dating site *smh*.  The man goes by “Instructor Sem”, and he works for a training company called European Security Academy.  The place looks so high-speed they probably wouldn’t even let me in the lobby.  Man if Sem and Instructor Zero had a showdown, the tactical world would implode.

Thoughts?  You working on your tactical pizazz every single day now?  If not, why not? LOL

Gat tip: Jerry