Rich Graham And The Art Of The Tactical Jostle

Another day another “training” method.  I present the jostle-max loosey-goosey drill.  Shawty get LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW:

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From the description:

Today I was demonstrating to the class a “DRILL” to stay loose and on target by adjusting to impacts using feel, footwork, and body movements to deflect, release, or compensate for the disruption. This drill will really test your body position & balance, while connecting combative fight training with shooting.

All shots impacted silhouette at 5 to 7 yards. Again this is a skill-building DRILL.

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Oh god I almost died when he repeatedly does that lil ass twist move for what looks like no reason. Granted again I’m sure there’s some tactically operational reason I’d never understand.

Jostle-Training-Shooting-Rich-GrahamI’m definitely not operator enough to understand this.  Sometimes I wonder if guys that do all this unconventional “training”, are on board with all the other guys who do similar unconventional stuff.  Like for instance does the guy in this video, Rich Graham (who I’ve posted about a few times and who got VERY upset) think that oh I don’t know… a dry-fire academy, and standing on someones chest while you shoot, and say advanced forward rolling techniques are useful and completely valid forms of training?  Or do all these guys scoff at how not operator the other school’s methods are?  Maybe they get kind of disappointed in themselves that they didn’t think of ____ first?  I called 2015 “The Year Of The Jostle” (some past vids here and here), but it looks like it’s still alive and well in 2016.

If you think jostle-max loosey-goosey is the future and is here to stay, I’d really like to hear why.  If you don’t I’d like to hear why also.  Go spend your hard earned money with Rich Graham over at Trident Fitness if you like what you see.

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