Cross Armory Thumb Grip

If you want to bolt this into your handgun rail, there are claims of increased accuracy, reduced recoil, and increased stability:


A company called Cross Armory makes it, and it’s called the Thumb Grip ($60).  You should go buy one if you think it will increase your operational TIER level.

Here are two highlights from the “About” page:

  • We Have spent two years perfecting the angle of the Thumb Grip, as well as the mounting geometry.
  • We have developed a proprietary Universal Holster System to go with our Thumb Grip system.

My reaction:

There’s a lot of talk about “we” on that website.  If it actually took more than one guy two years to develop this, I don’t even know what to say.  “Cross Design Engineering” on the installation video on vimeo too; interesting.  That universal holster system promise tho.  Guys… you can throw all your other holsters in the garbage and just use this thing. *orders flood in and website crashes* AHAHAHAHAHA


Gat tip: Joebidensshotgun