An Assault Rifle Is A Hunting Rifle With A Scope On It

Says an “expert” who evidently likes to hear herself talk and make stuff up:


“The difference between an assault rifle an a hunting rifle is frankly the scope on it, and scopes can be purchased online” <— ROFL forensics expert Jennifer Berringer everyone *crowd erupts with applause*.

Wow, this is painful from start to finish.  Includes improper use of “bullet”, “clip”, made up terms like “doubleshot weapon”, “assault rifle adapters” available at gun stores.

These news stations are like watching Mattv2099 commentary, but instead of it being funny and trolling THEY ACTUALLY 100% believe what they are saying.  I’m sure most of the public does too, which is very frightening.  Who let this slide?  Thoughts?  

Gat tip: NC, Dave