Arby’s Deagles A Burger For Marketing Purposes

Oh shit whatupppppp?!

Ok ok props for using the term Deagle.  Arby’s is really with the shits when it comes to terminology apparently. Who knew.

ELEAGUE is apparently a Counter-Strike video game tv show competition.  Sounds boring as hell, but I’m sure some of you nerds would be all over it.  Watching someone play video games actually isn’t as bad as I would have expected though.  My girlfriend is into Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, and Dying light the following on PS4.  I watch her play, but only while I’m doing ENDO work.  This shit ain’t a game, I don’t have time to play games and slack on you guys here or ENDO Apparel.

If I had one criticism of the ad it would be, they didn’t show the Deagle or the round slow motion hitting the sandwich.  They have another couple videos, one where they blow up curly fries, and another where they blow up the same sandwich but have different commentary.


Gat tip: Brandon