A Stupid Thing To Say As A Pro Gun Argument

Hickok45’s son doesn’t like “Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people”:

Katana-Home-DefenseI disagree with his interpretation of the phrase.  The phrase is meant to highlight the fact it’s the not the item used, it’s the person using it.

In real life I’m done arguing with people about guns and gun rights.  I used to entertain anti-gun conversations, where I’d ask them a couple questions and then present some actual facts to back my pro-gun argument.  Basically 100% of the time it just turned into a bigger argument that went nowhere.  I really think it’s a sign of a lack of intelligence when someone has a problem with regular people like you and I owning and shooting guns, just because such a microscopic number of people who are crazy use them to do terrible things.  Don’t even get me started on how “making better laws” won’t matter.  It absolutely blows many people’s minds when you make the point that criminals don’t care about laws.